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Northeast Louisiana Has Numerous Locations For Your Next Film Project

Location, location, location — these are oft-heard words in meticulous filmmakers’ lips when it comes to finding that perfect place to shoot their films. The Northeast Louisiana Film Commission is on hand to assist filmmakers from all over in selecting the perfect site for a variety of films, and what better place to start looking for that perfect location than right here in Northeast Louisiana.

Northeast Louisiana (NELA) is a place teeming with virgin locations and offers all the amenities and convenience needed for film productions. There is a variety of locations to choose from — from rustic small towns and logtowns to the best of nature’s bayous, rivers and swamps, as well as picturesque waterfronts.

Northeast Louisiana is any filmmaker’s mecca as its architecture and overall feel is quite different. Here you will find art deco, craftsman, and pre and post World War II. Small towns in the outskirts come in all shapes and sizes. Some areas even boast a courthouse and a townsquare, with a one-lane main street.

List Your Property As A Location

Films, television shows, commercials, music videos and still photo shoots are always contacting our office looking for the perfect location for their production. The Northeast Louisiana Film Commission keeps a digital library of local locations from which we pull and send photos from. Productions requests range from gas stations to malls to mansions, restaurants, and ranches.

We welcome your property for for inclusion in the Northeast Louisiana Film Commissions digital library of location.

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